Corporate profile

Brazil Fast Food Corp. is one of the largest food service groups in Latin America and franchise units in Angola and Chile.

Brazil Fast Food Corp.’s restaurant system includes in line and drive thru restaurants, food court and store in store points of sale, as well as kiosks, owned by the Company or by franchisees, under the following brand names: Bob’s, Yoggi, Doggis, Pizza Hut and KFC.

Bob’s and Yoggi are proprietary brands and KFC, Pizza Hut and Doggis are explored under agreements with Yum! Brands Inc. (“Yum”), one of the largest quick service restaurant companies in the world, and Gastronomia & Negocios Sociedad Anonima (“G&N”, formerly Grupo de Empresas Doggis Sociedad Anonima), the leading food service company in Chile. Under those agreements, we own and operate in Brazil, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants as a franchisee of Yum and we franchise Doggis stores as a master franchisor of G&N. KFC and Pizza Hut are world-known brands for fried chicken and pizza and Doggis is a well-known brand in Chile for hot-dogs.


one of the largest food service groups in Latin America